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Idea Sketchbook Series

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Designer problems

As a design student I always carried a stack of A4 paper everywhere to sketch down ideas or just doodle. Even though it was messy and unsightly I found that it suited the way I worked. I tried and failed many times to adopt a notebook because of a few key points:

Limited budget
As a student I didn’t have much money to spend on top of the line notebooks, especially if I needed to replace them frequently due to heavy use.

I found that folding over an A4 piece of paper gave me the ideal size for the way I worked. Extended it was a great size for sketching and the folded over footprint was small.

I always thought that the bump in the center was hard to work around. This bump is created because of the way notebooks spines are usually bound.

Notebook being held open while writing.

Notebook being held open while writing.

The faithful paper stack

The faithful paper stack


Sketchbook design Details

The sketchbook was designed with many features aimed specifically for making it easier and more pleasant to capture those ideas.

Full canvas
The spineless binding method allows the notebook to open flat, giving users a seamless canvas

Impact resistant corners
The rounded corners protect against crumpling. No matter if the notebook is just thrown in a bag or carried in the hand; the pages will stay neat.

Thick covers
One of the main goals was to make the notebook sturdy and durable. A thick 2mm protects from deformation and bending


Materials and Size

Size Measurements:

A5 (148mm x 210mm)
Thickness - 15mm
Number of pages - 192
Weight - 400g


Inner Pages - 100lb Snow White Bit-Coated Wood-free Paper (Taiwan)
Printed cover - 100g Venus Laid Paper (Taiwan)
Cover material - 2mm White card stock (Taiwan)
Title page - 114g NT RASHA (Japan)
Binding - Exposed spine


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