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1. Completely Flat

Open your notebook flat, we give you full range to decide how you use your pages.
One section at a time or a full spread? You decide!

2. Protected Corners

No more crumpled edges! Throw it in your backpack without worries; your pages will stay neat no matter what. 

3. Solid as a Rock

Goodbye to flimsy notebooks, hello to sturdy and durable.
Our notebooks don't just talk the talk.

Take it anywhere! And don't forget to bring your ideas along. 


Width - 148mm
Height - 210mm
Depth - 15mm
內頁印刷 - Dot grid
Page count - 192頁
重量 - 400內頁 - 100 磅劃刊紙 
封面 - 100g 儷紋紙 
扉頁 - 114g 日本元素色紙
裝訂 - 裸背穿線膠裝 

41239484_001_s.jpg (1).gif

Anyone can be creative

Architects, designers, artists, travelers, executives, or anyone with a headful of ideas can take advantage of the carefully crafted features on this series of sketchbooks. 

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