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Unleash your creativity!

And let your ideas flow with the Get to the point idea sketchbook series.
With many features aimed specifically for making it easier and more pleasant to jot down all those ideas that have been floating on your mind.

Special features

Designed with you in mind. Once you try our special features you'll wonder how you could live all these years without them.



1. Completely Flat

Open your notebook flat, we give you full range to decide how you use your pages.
One section at a time or a full spread? You decide!

2. Protected corners

No more crumpled edges! Throw it in your backpack without worries;
your pages will stay neat no matter what. 


3. Solid as a rock

Goodbye to flimsy notebooks, hello to sturdy and durable.
Our notebooks don't just talk the talk.

Take it anywhere! And don't forget to bring your ideas along. 

4. 100% Recyclable Paper

At Interrobang we believe in purposeful objects. In Nature there's no such thing as trash so there is no reason for us to create any. That's why we made this sketchbook as easy as possible for you to recycle; there's no disassembly required because it's all made from one single material: PAPER.

Size matters

The compact single page A5 size offers great portability without compromising real estate. Carry with you the perfect balance of space and lightness  so you can doodle, write or draw your mind off worry free.



Width - 148mm
Height - 210mm
Depth - 15mm
Page count - 192
Weight: 400g

Color me surprised - CMYK Series

Express your unique style with the vivid selection of colors and turn heads wherever you sit down and let your ideas flow.


A closer look

Who can use a get to the point sketchbook ?

Architects, designers, artists, travelers, executives, or anyone with a headful of ideas can take advantage of the carefully crafted features on this series of sketchbooks. 

Want to feel inspired? head over to the instagram gallery and see what exciting things people are saying and creating with their sketchbooks!

get to the point in style

Mix and match your style

Get a wallpaper to match your notebook or perhaps your collection, it's free!

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