24 Hour Design Rush - FIT HUG Workshop

Some of you may know that our project UP was awarded the JDP special prize at the 2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition. As winners we were invited to participate in the FIT Inside Hug Future workshop.

We were separated into groups and Instructed that by 2 p.m. on the next day we needed to have a presentation ready, complete with product description, renderings, dimensions, background and everything. It was definitely a challenge as I had never done such a thing in that short of a time, but we gave it a shot anyway. 

The process:

We knew we wanted to do something related with sunshine from the start, as we were all struck by the beautiful sun bathing us that day. We went outside for inspiration and discussion.

Teammate Tuna snaps a photo

Teammate Tuna snaps a photo

The beautiful feeling of Komorebi

The beautiful feeling of Komorebi

We also wanted to capture a feeling of playfulness as we saw children running and playing, so we cam up with a brief to help us achieve our goal: 

Make a product that delights and connects people with their environment while promoting meaningful social interactions.

With this in mind we went to work. 


The results:

We called our concept "Ensemble" 
because it brings people together in a musical way. 

it allows people to unite and together create a different atmosphere; one of peace and relaxation in the most unexpected places.

The concept:

We thought of many wacky and interesting things with our directive, and in the end we decided to design an object for a public space.

A public chair that transports us to another place when we sit on it

Rough dimension sketch

Rough dimension sketch

Chair configuration

Chair configuration

The model:

We built our model in Rhinoceros and rendered it on Keyshot.

How it works:

Each seat is like a key on a musical instrument. When pressed down it emits a sound of nature. 

The more people who sit down, the more atmosphere they experience. Thus building a foundation upon which people may interact with one another or maybe simply enjoy a quiet moment together.


The takeaway:

Overall, the whole process was a lot of fun. We got to meet some serious design minds that guided us along the way and pushed us to do our best.

If we can do this in 24 hours, imagine the possibilities!